is especially the right time 
to RE-DO-IT! 

Leading Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Plant-Based Nutrition Educator, Naomi Green, presents

If you've been toying with the idea of going vegan for your health or are already vegan and want to uplevel your lifestyle powerfully, there's nothing better than experiencing this unique ALL-INCLUSIVE weekend of plant-based food, inner meditation and outdoor adventure with like-minded souls AND a very unique and special group RE-DO-IT Rx session with plant-based Dr. Soham Patel.
Do you need more of this?
You clicked on this one-of-a-kind trip for a reason...What do you need to Re-Do?
Is it your health? Is your body sending you messages to make a change? Is it your lifestyle? Is your intuition telling you to learn more, to take a stand up for something?

If you're open to listening for it and looking for it, you will find an answer just right for you this weekend along with learning some new skills to push you forward in your plant-based wellness path!  .

We've designed this magical weekend experience to open your eyes to the joys of being vegan as well as harnessing the very real health benefits so you feel better fast...mind, body and soul.
This all-inclusive
 is for you if you...
-Are VEGAN-CURIOUS for health, environmental or ethical reasons but have not acted on it because you are not sure how or even if you will like the food or know how to prepare any of the food.
-Are ALREADY VEGAN and want an adventure cooking amazing budget-friendly, time-friendly whole plant food dishes with Vegan Coach Naomi and other open-hearted, open-minded people.
-Want to learn more about the MEDICAL EVIDENCE FOR ADOPTING A WHOLE FOOD PLANT-BASED LIFESTYLE and more about preventing and reversing chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart disease from a PLANT-BASED PHYSICIAN and create your own personal "RE-DO IT PRESCRIPTION."
-Want to learn more about HOW TO MEDITATE and use mindfulness, visualization and other strategies for stress reduction in your life.
-Are open to a LIVE, TWILIGHT CRYSTAL BOWLS SOUND THERAPY outdoors, under the starlit sky. 
-Want explore ways to GIVE & RECEIVE MORE LOVE in your life...for yourself and for others?
-Can't wait to let go of things in your life that no longer serve you, celebrating the MAGIC OF THE FIRE CIRCLE 
-Enjoy or want to get MORE ACTIVE OUTDOORS.
-Want to feel better, learn more, make changes and 
RE-DO IT with us!
We created this 3-day/2-night
in Williston, FL  
 to push you just outside 
your comfort zone...
 where courage creates change.

$697 per person, singles or couples in a shared cabin*
Book for 2, $100 Off!
*We will maintain social distancing in cabins...
 All bookings include ALL lodging, food & specialized group activity fees 
Your accommodations...
Shared Cabin Accommodations - April 2-4, 2021
3 days/2 nights shared "glamping" accommodations in the rustic furnished cabins (pictured, left) in the woods at Devil's Den.

Each cabin sleeps 4 with one couple (queen bed) downstairs and 2 singles up a spiral staircase. Cabins have a full shared bathroom with bathtub/shower, a small kitchenette and a large porch surrounded by the woods.
A Completely Whole Food Vegan Immersion With Vegan Coach Naomi Green
You will take part in cooking 5 Whole Food Plant Based No-Oil Vegan Meals "Community  Style" plus snacks with Vegan Coach Naomi Green to learn, practice and strengthen your whole food vegan food prep skills PLUS, you will be eating completely vegan, whole food plant-based no oil, for the entire weekend. 
 Create (and clean-up) all meals
 with Vegan Coach Naomi
 "family style..."
 They are budget-friendly and time-friendly so you can see how to fit this new healthy way of eating 
into your own life easily!
-Twilight Sky Crystal Bowls Sound Bath Guided Meditation
-Releasing Fire Ceremony 
When is the last time you...
-stepped out into the twilight or sunrise dew and leaned in, stretched out, laid back, let go and contemplated the sky?
-looked inward and found healing?
-tried a new type of relaxing meditation?
-experienced the magic of the fire circle?
Take a deep dive into your health and well-being and let's RE-DO-IT...
-Complete an in-depth lifestyle questionnaire and participate in a group evaluation and self-created RE-DO IT Rx during a live group session devoted to the 6 pillars of lifestyle medicine with Dr. Soham Patel, a Tampa plant-based physician, board-certified in Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism and Lifestyle Medicine.

-Along with participating in 5 plant-based oil-free cooking workshops, participate in a group coaching session with Vegan Coach Naomi Green to guide you in creating your own personal RE-DO IT PLANT-BASED MENU to maximize your current vegan diet OR help you begin a whole food plant-based way of eating so you can follow through easily once you get home.

-Enjoy a unique, starlit GUIDED CRYSTAL BOWLS SOUND THERAPY to look inward and expand love in your life with local meditation teacher, Susan Cohen-Hammen

-Ramble the woods, tour the botanical gardens (pictured, right), get outdoors and GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE with trail guide, David Mannino of Dave's Vegan Adventures

-Use this weekend to RE-DO IT and create new habits to take time for self-reflection, SELF LOVE & SELF CARE.
Let's dig deep  together...
Let's make some changes to feel better starting this weekend...
Let's Re-Do It!
Spend time outdoors exploring nature
 Ramble the wild surrounding woods and fields in the  led by trailblazer, David Mannino

Think about a question, your next steps or a deep burning desire you have for yourself, your health, your relationships...your life! 

Bring it with you to our RE-DO-IT WELLNESS VEGAN RETREAT

 and listen for the answers inspired by 
this unique weekend practicing
proven ways to take back your health, prevent & reverse chronic disease and
to feel better fast...


$697 per person, singles or couples in a shared cabin*
Book for 2, $100 Off!
*We will maintain social distancing in cabins...
 All bookings include ALL lodging, food & specialized group activity fees 
Meet Vegan Coach Naomi Green,
Going Vegan For Health
Naomi Green is a certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Plant-Based Nutrition Educator who specializes in helping people adopt a whole food plant-based no oil way of eating to experience serious weight loss and measurable health benefits fast. She has been coaching private clients and running an insanely successful 12-Week Online Plant Power Weight Loss & Health Transformation group program and a free global online Facebook support group for those going vegan for health. Naomi also presents cooking workshops and demos, cooking parties and corporate wellness program events around the Tampa Bay Area since recovering from breast cancer treatment in 2014 and she credits both yoga and going vegan with her health, healing and her happiness

"There's nothing like watching the 'AHA' moment when people taste whole food vegan dishes...and then realize how they could do this themselves!" 
- Vegan Coach Naomi Green

Looking for a vegan retreat for another time or another adventure?

Meet trailblazer David Mannino,
Dave's Vegan Adventures
David Mannino began his love affair with hiking and outdoor adventures as a boy scout in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Since then, his love for outdoor adventure has only grown culminating in a recent rim-to-rim hike through the Grand Canyon...and he's never going to stop walking!

Since then he has been exploring National and State Park trails far and wide as well as close to home, exploring veganism wherever he goes and leading those around him
 down the path as well!
"If you want to change something...
start with yourself... I'm with you."
- David Mannino
Here's everything you'll experience during our one-of-a-kind
 April 2-4, 2021
in Williston, Florida
  • "Glamping!" SHARED CABIN ACCOMMODATIONS (maintaining social distancing) for 3 days/2 nights at Devil's Den Prehistoric Spring Park. ($250 value)
  • 5 fun and interactive RE-DO IT WHOLE FOOD PLANT-BASED NO-OIL COOKING WORKSHOPS and meals plus snacks with Vegan Coach Naomi Green where you do all the prepping, so you know this way of eating will work for you at home. ($1750 value)
  • ​The RE-DO-IT VEGAN RETREAT COOKBOOK with all the recipes you'll learn so you can recreate them easily at home, ($27 value)
  • ​Our exclusive group RE-DO IT Rx QUESTIONNAIRE & EVALUATION with plant-based physician, Dr. Soham Patel so you can hone-in on what you want to RE-DO for yourself. ($1450 value)
  • ​One specially-designed group RE-DO IT PLANT-BASED MENU creation with Vegan Coach Naomi so you create a personal plant-based plan you will love. ($1350 value)
  • ​Your own copy of my NATURALLY VEGAN FOODS CHEAT SHEET and how to use it for overcoming the overwhelm about what to eat and getting started and keep going deliciously and easily. ($197 value)
  • ​Our one-of-a kind GUIDED STARLIT CRYSTAL BOWLS MEDITATION with Meditation Teacher, Susan Cohen-Hammen so you learn some important self love and mindfulness strategies you can use at home. ($250 value)
  • ​Guided HIKING, FIRE CIRCLE group activities ($950 value)
  • ​Plenty of FREE TIME FOR REST, SELF-REFLECTION and meandering in the Park all weekend ($$Priceless!$$)

Total value = $6,474


$697 per person, singles or couples in a shared cabin*
Book for 2, $100 Off!
*We will maintain social distancing in cabins...
 All bookings include ALL lodging, food & specialized group activity fees 

Looking for a vegan retreat for another time or another adventure?