Leading Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Plant-Based Nutrition Educator, Naomi Green presents...

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Just imagine what it would feel like to… 
  • Learn one new delicious plant-based recipe twice per month, plus different ways to use and enjoy that recipe for different meals!
  • Batch cook LIVE WITH ME twice er month so you actually get it done while having fun cooking along with me and other Plant Power Preppers!
  • ​Learn ALL MY NINJA PLANT-BASED COOKING SECRETS with different appliances, tools, techniques and ingredients so you build your plant-based no-oil cooking skills and wow everyone with your delicious plant-based dishes!
  • Perfect your plant-based plate with CONFIDENCE so you gain the knowledge you need to take back your health with a whole food plant-based no-oil way of eating.
Overcome all the overwhelm about not knowing what to eat or how to cook plant-based with no oil to take back your health!

This is for you if YOU...

-Love Plant-Based Cooking 
-Want to stay on track prepping weekly batches
-Can't wait to learn and repeat new plant-based, oil-free cooking skills, tools, 
       hacks, recipes & appliances
-Want to plan easy menus you will love
-Want to learn more about the evidence-base for preventing and reversing            chronic disease this way
-Looking for plant-based love, community, encouragement and FUN!

Whether you feel like THIS...                                                 or THIS!

Or want to go from THIS...                                                     to THIS!

Here's what you get every month in the 
Plant Power Preppers Club* 
  • 2 LIVE Group Cooking Sessions per month with Vegan Coach Naomi Green via Zoom Video Meeting:  One session for beginners with variations & one session for more adventurous plant-based cooks. We meet LIVE 2 Sundays monthly at 3:30 PM EST.  Schedule posted monthly and replay videos always available. ($1997 value)
  • "Daily Dish" Photos: Get inspired as everyone posts photos of the ways they use the items we cooked together to share ideas throughout the week. ($297 value)
  • ​On-Demand Replay Video Library of all Live Cooking Sessions so you can cook any recipe along with us at your convenience if you miss the live session! ($1,997 value and growing!)
  • ​Private, Fun Plant-Based Community: No longer feeling like you're on an island, cooking and having fun together over private Zoom video, chatting & posting and accessing materials in a private Facebook Group (PRICELESS!)
*This is a whole food plant-based no oil cooking club. There will be no animal food ingredients or processed food products or oils used or posted in photos or recipes in this group!

Added up, this is coaching for plant-based cooking my one-on-one clients pay well over
$6,000 to have me in their kitchen for a few months...
by doing it as a group together 
I can offer this fun space for learning

See what current Plant Power Preppers are saying 
about what we're doing in this group...

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There's no other plant-based cooking group
 like this on the internet...Let's get cooking!

Themed Cooking Sessions:

Holidays - Picnics - Barbecue
Asian- Mediterranean - Indian - Tex-Mex - Italian - Thai
Brunch - Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner - Snacks
Healing - Baking - Raw - Tofu
Instant Pot - AirFryer

And more, open to group suggestions!

See how all these different types of people just like you have learned to cook and eat this way with me, said it was delicious
 and took back their health...

No More Insulin Shots!

"Before working with Naomi, my doctor prescribed more and more medications and my belly swelled larger and larger the more weight I gained. Naomi showed me how to adopt a whole food plant-based no oil diet and 8 months later eating delicious food without counting carbs or calories and 46 pounds lost, my doctor told me I can go off all insulin! It was the first time in 9 years I didn't leave the office crying!"
-Jo Sims

No More Obesity & Constant Overeating

"I can't believe I've weighed over 300 pounds! What a pleasure it is to learn how to eat for energy and strength and know I can eat all the carbs I want (Did I mention I love to eat?) while I watched the weight fall off. Getting rid of the oils and learning that simple menu and  simple cooking techniques was key for me and I was able to share this totally with my daughter!"
-Dwayne Ross

No More High Blood Pressure & High Cholesterol!

"Naomi coached me on eating all the whole plant foods I wanted while eliminating the oils and junk foods and in 6 weeks, I was able to drop 20 pounds but more importantly, 4 months later, I dropped my cholesterol 40 points, my blood pressure was normal and I reversed my most recent pre-diabetes diagnosis."
-Rosana Dillon

No More Mean Girl & Gas Station Snack Attack 

"Naomi helped me knock out that mean girl in my head telling me I fail at every diet. I'm so surprised at how much weight I've lost while eating so much delicious food. Best part is I no longer want to stop at the gas station for junk food. Truth is, I'm in control now!" 
-Nanette Turrin

No More Chronic Pain, Low Energy or High Blood Pressure!

"I knew there was a way to eat to give my body all the nutrients I need without the crazy restriction of "cave-man meat-eating" fad diets, Naomi gave me that extra weekly accountability, knowledge and help to nail it down for myself without the oils and without the vegan junk foods I was eating before."
-Davo Kuka

No More McToxic Eating Habits or Pre-Diabetes!

"I was in a downward health spiral at 35 pounds overweight, borderline high blood pressure and prediabetes at my last doctors visit. I had seen the health turnarounds in Naomi's weight loss groups so I gave Naomi the 10 weeks until my next doctor visit. After learning how to ditch the animal foods and oils in my food and my McFrappe habit, I learned this way of eating really is so simple and delicious. My new blood work was completely normal and my doctor does not want to see me for another year!"
-Heidi Desormy

No More Elevated Liver Enzymes Or Tumor Markers!

"At 242 pounds and a 70-year-old cancer survivor, I decided to join Naomi's weight loss group after attending her live workshop at a local wellness studio. At my next doctor's appointment 3 months later, my elevated liver enzymes and elevated tumor markers were all normal. I have lost 60 pounds and still losing and my blood pressure meds are also cut in half! I really learned you can eat guilt-free, lose the weight and watch your health turn-around. My best advice? Don't wait!"
-Judy King

No More Fatty Liver!

"During my emergency gall bladder surgery, my doctor told me I had fat suffocating all my organs! Naomi taught me how to eat plant foods the right way and the weight started falling off immediately and freed from that frightening image forever! I went from 197 pounds to losing 22 pounds in 10 weeks and learning the secrets to enjoying food more than ever while reversing my prediabetes and my fatty liver! "
-Sharla Battiest

No More Obesity, Meds & Diabetes!

"I think my body hit its happy place. All my ailments, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic aches and pains (and complaining) are gone. I finally have the energy to be the kind of dad and role model I want to be for my kids and even they are loving this food!
As an overweight breast cancer survivor,
I want you to know I have felt that hopeless feeling about my health...

I'm the only totally vegan, completely plant-based 
no-oil "weight loss coach" committed to your 
complete health transformation
 in my weight loss programs...

  • I know exactly how it feels to face a serious health crisis and find relief in my whole food plant-based lifestyle.  I've personally felt my fears of breast cancer recurrence lift...this way I've taken back the power over my life and felt my happiness and strength return while losing the 40 pounds I carried around my entire adult life!
  • ​I  learned that flexible plant-based menus are easier to use than those rigid meal plans you can download from just about anywhere online. We create yours together at your first live group session so you can hit the ground running with foods you know and love (instead of whole bunch of unfamiliar ingredients and complicated recipes you might not even like).
  • ​I am the ONLY vegan coach specializing in whole food plant-based no oil weight loss and total health transformations with a comprehensive mind/body approach, live group healing along with delivering all the practical skills online, so it's easy to fit into your schedule.
  • ​I am the no-bullshit coach. I will never let you lie to yourself or hide from yourself...so if you want to drop the pretenses, harness the power of a plant-based way of eating and really get well, I am the vegan coach for you.
  • ​I am a certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Educator who is also certified in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and eCornell. That means I specialize in helping you make that transition to a whole food plant-based diet the right way...the easy way...the delicious way that's nutritionally sound so you feel great and make it permanent!
  • ​Other programs and coaches work on the food or the recipes or weight loss aspects of making this change, but they fall short of helping with the “baggage” that got you this way over the last several years...or decades! You’ve got to face your feelings and fears and feel them to free yourself and heal yourself.
  • ​I am both a mind AND body coach, so I study and am well versed in top-notch plant-based nutrition as well as many different emotional healing modalities that helped me through the behavior change and the mindset transformation into a well woman.
  • ​My coaching programs go way beyond 21-day kick starts or month-long programs because I want to see you all the way through your body detox, to rewiring your brain for positive change and into the weight loss and health results we can see, feel and even measure at the doctor's office.
  • ​I work with plant-based physicians and can help you find one who will support you in your plant-based path so you can taper off your meds for a total health transformation with confidence and medical care.
  • ​I also include fun but specialized plant-based cooking class videos as part of my group coaching program so you get the full realm of support. Coaching without teaching plant-based cooking and cooking without coaching just doesn't work!
Most of you, by the time you are reaching out to me have an overwhelming amount of information you’ve been stockpiling both digitally, in your kitchen and in your mind. You've got all the plant-based cookbooks, recipes, appliances (you have no idea what to do with that air fryer you bought months ago or the Instant Pot you got for Christmas), every plant-based podcast on your itunes account and every new plant-based book released.

But are you living a whole food plant-based  no-oil lifestyle? 
Are you cooking and eating this way every day?
Are you getting the health results you want?

Or, still just wishing you lived it? 

You have an incredible amount of information at your fingertips, right? But the truth is you can fall down a rabbit hole watching plant-based You-Tube videos, still not knowing what you should be eating or how to cook it for total health transformation.

Don't binge on junk food...
Binge-watch my livestreams Instead!

Love Plant-Based Cooking ?
Want to stay on track prepping weekly?
Learn new plant-based, oil-free cooking skills, tools, recipes
hacks & appliances?
Want to plan easy menus you will love?
Want to learn more about the evidence-base for this way of eating to take back your health?
Looking for plant-based love, community, encouragement and FUN?

Get your
free 2-day sneak peak & lock in $27 per month
for as long as you are a member.

You just don’t want to do it alone anymore. 
You’re praying there is someone you can trust, an expert who knows the plant-based way to weight loss and
 a total health transformation. 
Someone  FUN who will simply show you how to cook this way so you can understand and follow it 
easily, deliciously...and permanently. 

Come Cook With Me in the 
Plant Power Preppers Club!

Love Plant-Based Cooking ?
Want to stay on track prepping weekly?
Learn new plant-based, oil-free cooking skills, tools, 
hacks & appliances?
Want to plan easy menus you will love?
Looking for plant-based love, community, encouragement and FUN?
"What it feels like at our retreats to learn, explore and grow with a group of like-minded people toward your ultimate health, 
fun and wellness!"
-Vegan Coach Naomi💚
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12-Week Plant Power Woman 
Whole Food Plant-Based Weight Loss & Health Transformation Program With Vegan Coach Naomi Green
 There's nothing like that "AHA" moment 
when someone discovers the pleasure power 
of eating whole plant foods without 
counting calories or carbs or tiny portions. 
YOU can finally let go of your grip on willpower
and along with it, the guilt and shame of 
yo-yo dieting, forever!
-Vegan Coach Naomi💚