Leading Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Plant-Based Nutrition Educator, Naomi Green, presents

Veg-Curious or Totally Vegan?
 Join us in this Bohemian Arcosanti Community, tucked just South of Sedona, Arizona where we’ll craft delicious vegan food together eaten rooftop Al Fresco, hike around the Agua Fria desert, climb to the Vortex Energies in Sedona and delight your compassionate and creative side...
It's happening here...
Something is calling you to awaken during this all-inclusive 5-night, 6-day art, cooking & adventure vegan retreat...what is it?
Is it your health? Is your body sending you messages to make a change? Is it your lifestyle? Is your intuition telling you to learn more, meet others, take a stand...to stand up for something?

If you're open to listening for it and looking for it, you will find an answer just right for you during this week away! 

We've designed this magical 6-day/5 night active Arizona hiking experience to open your eyes to the joys of being vegan and celebrating it with others in mind, body & soul.
This all-inclusive vegan hiking adventure retreat is for you if you...
  • Are VEGAN-CURIOUS for health, environmental or ethical reasons but have not acted on it because you are not sure how or even if you will like the food or know how to prepare any of the food.
  • Are ALREADY VEGAN and want an adventure cooking amazing budget-friendly, time-friendly whole plant food dishes with us and other open-hearted, open-minded people.
  • Enjoy ACTIVE, OUTDOOR DESERT & CANYON HIKING & EXPLORATION for intermediate hikers, both wet and dry.
  • Want to celebrate the MAGIC OF THE FIRE CIRCLE together.
  • ​Want to exercise your creativity and CREATE YOUR OWN COSANTI CERAMIC BELL as a group workshop and keepsake.
  • Dream of settling down to a STARGAZING MEDITATION and spiritual journey looking upwards..
  • Love the idea of working with animals at the CIRCLE L RANCH ANIMAL RESCUE & SANCTUARY nearby Prescott Valley, Arizona. 
  • ​Have always imagined yourself on a group trip like this  EXPLORING YOUR CREATIVITY IN MIND, BODY AND SOUL 
We created this 5-night, 6-day
"Arcosanti Vortex Vegan Awakening"
 all-inclusive Adventure Retreat  
 to push you just outside your comfort zone where courage creates change.
This vegan retreat is 
Accommodations - May 20-25, 2021
  • UNPACK 1 TIME! 6 days/5 nights accommodations in a shared dorm OR private room home-base living in the Arcosanti Community in Arizona, with perfect proximity to  Phoenix Airport and Sedona's Famous Vortex Hikes & Views. 
  • COMMUNITY SPACE & PRIVATE PLACES.  Unwind and relax in private and enjoy roof-top dining Al Fresco together with expansive blue sky desert views!  
  • ​GROUP TRANSPORT. Adventuring is easy when the transport is all arranged to and from all scheduled group activities.
  • ​ALL ENTRANCE & ACTIVITY FEES. Enjoy all the activities of this retreat without digging into your pocket every minute! 
  • ​ALL WHOLE FOOD PLANT-BASED MEALS. Never worry whether its vegan, because it always is deliciously vegan!
  • ​ 5 PLANT-BASED COOKING WORKSHOPS with Vegan Coach Naomi Green, to sharpen your plant-based cooking skills.
  • ​EXPERT TRAIL GUIDANCE. Care-free exploration through all the National and State Parks and surrounding moderate-level  trails (5 miles on uneven terrain) with trail guide, David Mannino.
*Round trip airfare to and from your home to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport and airport transportation to and from the Retreat Location is your responsibility but we will provide the airport shuttle information and pick up from the local stop just outside of Arcosanti gates.
It's a Completely Vegan Immersion With Vegan Coach Naomi Green May 20-25, 2021...
In the large community-style kitchen, you will prep and cook 5 Whole Food Plant Based No Oil Meals "Community-Style" plus lots of fun snacks with Vegan Coach Naomi Green. You will practice and sharpen your whole food vegan food prep skills AND eating completely vegan for the entire week!
 Create (and clean-up) all meals
 with Vegan Coach Naomi "family style..."
 They are budget-friendly and time-friendly so you can see how to fit this new 
healthy way of eating 
into your own life easily!
Drop into a live, twilight  meditation & fire ceremony under the desert night sky
Contemplate the Arizona Milky Way and delight in a shooting star for the first time! Then, lay back, relax, stretch and be held by a guided moonlight meditation. 
BONUS: One-of-kind workshop to cast your own keepsake ceramic Cosanti Bell!
This unique all-day class in this awesome domed outdoor ceramics lab will teach you the silt cast ceramics process including: preparation of the silt beds, creation of the molds, plus carving principles and knife skills to decorate your bell uniquely YOU just before pouring the clay slip  We'll also learn about drying the clay, processing and coloring the bells. How fun!
Lose yourself in the zone of creation shaping this keepsake talisman of your "Arcosanti  Vortex Vegan Awakening"
Retreat experience you can't do 
any place else on earth! 
Heal from within...drop into the vortex...as you explore nature in all it's splendor...
  • Experience hiking and climbing Sedona's Red Rock spires, turrets and vortex sites, the riverbed of the Agua Fria National Monument and the many hundreds of ancient ruins, pictographs, petroglyphs in several moderate hiking adventures (5 miles on uneven terrain).
  • Explore the different terrains that make up the unique geological features of both parks including riverbed sploshing, desert hiking, canyoneering and more.
  • Full moon hiking and finding the spiritual energies in the Sedona Red Rock Vortex.
  • Fire circle, stargazing, swimming and plenty of time to just unwind, journal, nap and breathe in the fresh desert air!
Think about a question or a deep burning desire you have for yourself about your life, your next steps, your relationships...your very essence... 

Bring it with you to this one-of-a-kind Vegan Awakening Adventure Retreat
 and listen for the answers inspired by this week feeding your mind, body and soul together!
Awaken your compassion...
Love Goats?  Get up close and personal with the animals - and the work - around Circle L Ranch Animal Rescue & Sanctuary...a completely unique vegan experience in the Goatopia community!
Dig deep, awaken your love for all beings and let's do a service project at this one-of-a-kind animal rescue sanctuary in nearby Prescott Valley.
Here's everything you'll experience during this bucket-list worthy
All-Inclusive "Arcosanti Vortex Vegan Awakening" Adventure Retreat
 May 20-25, 2021 in Arcosanti, Arizona
  • UNPACK ONCE & RELAX IN A SHARED DORM-STYLE GROUP ROOM OR PRIVATE ROOM for 5 nights & 6 days (May 20-25, 2021) in Arcosanti, Arizona which is smack-dab in between Phoenix Airport and Sedona, located in the Agua Fria National Desert. ($3,200 and up value)
  • 5 WHOLE FOOD PLANT-BASED NO-OIL COOKING WORKSHOPS with Vegan Coach Naomi Green where we do all the prepping together. You'll go from overwhelmed about oil-free plant-based cooking to knowing how to re-create several plant-based dishes in your home kitchen. ($2,875 value)
  • EAT ALL FRESHLY-COOKED WHOLE FOOD PLANT-BASED MEALS & SNACKS for 5 nights and 6 days where you go from being clueless about eating vegan every day to staying vegan the whole time so you'll know how it feels and which dishes you LOVE! ($1,575 value)
  • ​USE YOUR "ARCOSANTI VORTEX VEGAN AWAKENING" RETREAT COOKBOOK with all the recipes you'll learn so you can recreate them easily at home. ($250 value)
  • ​LOSE YOURSELF IN THE PRESENCE OF THE DESERT NIGHT SKY without city light pollution in a star-lit, moon-lit desert night hike. ($750 value)
  • ​LET GO OF WHAT NO LONGER SERVES YOU MAKING SPACE TO PICK UP  SOMETHING BETTER in a traditional guided fire ceremony. ($350 value)
  • ​ACTIVATE YOUR LOVE & COMPASSION FOR ALL BEINGS. Get up-close and personal with the animals with a private tour and 1-day service project at Circle L Ranch Animal Rescue & Sanctuary($550 value)
  • ​EXPERIENCE A CAREFREE OUTDOOR ADVENTURE SO YOU CAN JUST DROP INTO THE VORTEX with easy group transportation and daily trail guidance at Red Rock State Park and on-property throughout the Agua Fria National Desert. ($3,400 value)
  • ​BONUS WORKSHOP: CREATE A KEEPSAKE COSANTI CERAMIC BELL where we will learn all the silt-casting techniques and each create our own unique bell talisman! ($1,250 value)
  • ​​SHIFT FROM FRENETIC & FRAZZLED TO REST & RENEWAL ambling around the one-of-a-kind Arcosanti Community and finding your own magic... (priceless!)
TOTAL VALUE = $14,200.00
Shared Spaces & Private Rooms 
for Singles & Couples

Singles sharing a unique dorm-style room with 5 single semi-private, separated bed nooks plus, large shared bathroom, sinks and separate shower facility.

NEARLY SOLD OUT: Space for 2 singles left!

Singles or couples in a private room with a shared bath.
NEARLY SOLD OUT: 1 Queen bed left!

For couple or two tickets, simply complete the payment process twice!
5-night, 6-day retreat Includes ALL lodging, food, group activity fees 
& transport to group activities from May 20-25, 2021.
(Does not include airfare to and from your home to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport and
 airport transportation to and from the Retreat Location. ) 
Meet Vegan Coach Naomi Green
Naomi Green is a leading certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator who is also certified in plant-based nutrition from the eCornell T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. Naomi specializes in helping people go vegan and get serious health benefits fast. She has been coaching private clients and running an insanely successful 12-Week Online Whole Food Plant-Based No-Oil Group Weight Loss Program and a free global online Facebook support group for those going vegan for health. Naomi also presents cooking workshops and demos, cooking parties and corporate wellness program events around the Tampa Bay Area since recovering from breast cancer treatment in 2014 and she credits both yoga and going vegan with her health, healing and her happiness

"There's nothing like watching the 'AHA' moment when people taste whole food vegan dishes...and then realize how they could do this themselves!" 
- Vegan Coach Naomi Green

Looking for a vegan retreat for another time or another adventure?

Meet trailblazer, David Mannino
of Dave's Vegan Adventures
David Mannino began his love affair with hiking and outdoor adventures in a big way...with a one-way 24.1 mile hike across the Grand Canyon that took more than 12 hours!

Since then he has been exploring National and State Park trails far and wide as well as close to home, exploring veganism wherever he goes and leading those around him
 down the path as well!
"If you want to change something...
start with yourself... I'm with you."
- David Mannino

Your "Arcosanti Vegan Awakening" Adventure Retreat 
 includes all lodging, food, group activity fees 
& transport to group activities, May 20-25, 2020

(Does not include airfare to and from your home to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport and airport transportation to and from the Retreat Location.

Looking for a vegan retreat for another time or another adventure?